Thursday, December 09, 2004

Cwalk rules... read before class

C-walk Rules

C-walk is cigarette box battle between two players. Before the battle begins, individual player takes out one cigarette from their own pack and ante up it to judge for winning prize (if there is no judge, place it in safe place where nobody can cheat). Player can modulate their own cigarette pack before game begun (the box can be modulated as long as the shape and size remains same.

Position & Begin:
To Begin the battle, player place their cigarette box on top of board/game arena. Player can place their box every where they wants as long as two cigarette are away at least more than 5in apart. After the box is place in right place, game begins. To start the game, both player make agreement for “who goes first.” After both player made agreement game begins. If the player played a previous game, the winner makes first step.

Individual player takes each turn to press part of there own cigarette box to flip (80degree or more: except for maneuver of “crouching tiger and hidden dragon”) and make their part of box to go on top of opponents box. When their own part of box made movement and stays on top of opponents box, earns a point. There are 3 ways to win the game:

(1) First person who made 3 times (3points) go over on top of opponent’s box wins the game.

(2) Player made movement that rests on opponents box without touching the ground wins the game (TKO).

(3) Player made movement that make opponents box go out of game arena wins the game

Any cigarette box go out of board/ game arena loses game

If player’s box and opponent’s box go out of game arena, draw the game and play again from the beginning.

If cigarette box didn’t flip more then 80 degree or more (except for maneuver of “crouching tiger and hidden dragon”), it is considered a foul and loses a point (if opponents player excuse his/her act, don’t loses a point).

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

500 word

About C-walk.

My game is called C-walk, I come out with this name because, this game play look like walking cigarette box
Action verbs for C-walk is "press" or "click"
Adjective of C-walk is watch and learn, it's necessary to memorize actions from video and use on the game
Genre of C-walk is "real life action game"
Platform for C-walk is everyday object, I choose this platform for the game to play this game anytime everywhere together with smokers.
C-walk is two player game and it takes normally 3 to 6min, since this game is to be play anywhere anytime, so it is better to have short amount of game player and length.
This game is playable anywhere, it is very casual game that play among the smokers or non-smokers (recommend for smokers)
C-walk can be play anywhere with any source of light and place, if there is at least 12 square inches
C-walk is different, Things that makes this game different from other game is, and essence of this game is made for smokers.
Many smokers will play C-walk for rest of there life, this game is perfect for everywhere play and it could be distributes to cigarette companies to spread out throw world.

Design Process

Core mechanic of C-walk is Pressing and sometime tapping, Flipping the box to go over other box that's back movement of C-walk, I come out with this idea from a Korean game called "Eraser eater". First idea was from the cigarette, since price of cigarette when up so much, and also many people started to asking to bum cigarette so I come out with this Idea of bumming cigarette with dignity.

From the beginning my goal haven't change any. C-walk's goal was most important reason of its game. I always think about the goal first before the game it self. In this project I want to have this goal of "earning cigarette" and the fun part of game.

To my self, subject "goal" is most important issue of make me move, may be, especially person like me, I don't want to waste time and energy on things I don't earn. Goal is very important subject that makes me move. If I don't have dream, I must suicide long time ago. "no goal = Toy". Game should have goal, without goal it is only toy that makes people happy for moment.

Most ingenious rule I devised for C-walk is TKO, when players cigarette box go over opponents box without player self's box touching ground is TKO. I think most of time people don't think about TKO movement, but C-walk have TKO.

Personally, I like the idea of goal that earning and losing a cigarette. When there is give off goal, players personality comes out during the play, so, I like that concept.

Core mechanic of the game "pressing" was had to make the rule, many people didn't follow the rule as I thought.

During the play testing, I don't think I change much about game it self.

I'm pre much happy with my game, but one thing I missed was the point that culturally people from western culture were having hart time playing this game.

Next time I want to examine other culture so I won't make same mistake.

I wanted to make new genre class game, that has strong goal.
This world need avant-garde game that connects people without digitally. Socrates said "play" make people know each other better then "conversation". Not just because this old man said I agree on it, but I think it makes sense that people get around better with element of "PLAY". Play element and sharing "fun" element will connects people.
Well designed game always need children's heart. Now a days, people consider more in conceptual idea and visual element. Which now a days people agree those conceptual and visual element brings the "fun" element. However I want to divide those element. Now we are facing 2005. people are not surprise about the futuristic graphic and reality element. Sometime game designers forget the element of "children's heart" the "fun" element. Fun is board subject, people have different idea of fun, but I know "fun" element show be revised by children's eye, when they go back and revise with children like eye, they will see the "children's heart"
Not many game influenced me, but if there is game that influenced me, it could be the game that I play during my child hood with my hommies.
It is good time to mention the magic circle, I wonder people have get out of magic circle, when people have played any game that they have enjoyed a lot, it dominate the idea of player, even after game end, the attitude of game will remain forever and it will support the real life during her/him's life time.

All the game is new and good, however I hope the game designer to make well calculate game before thinking about Coal mechanic. Meat should be add after skeleton. When the game is create with meat before skeleton, at the end player earn nothing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

my perfect game

I realize my game is perfect... You can't deny
First of all my game, I was thinking of non-slip surface
but important of this game is to be play no set up require.
so I come out with idea that placing ruberband on the box so make it not slippery.
and one other marketing of my game for making this game popular is to put instruction of game
and slip into the cigaret box for newly player, so they can play without my helpful instruction.
one Idea from my friend Gray was playing this game at the stair so kind of Map Mod style.
I realize my game is untouchable perfect goal and everything
now it's time for me to "marketing"

Jessica's game here go

1) New Avatar game by Jessica

2) Create and show

3) Draw and show

4) Creativity, Be in creative to inform.

5) The general structure is done, simple, but need to make little bit
more complex.

6)It have element of creativities that make player creative

7) rule it self, 10… very simple easy to follow but its too simple
that winner of game doesn't get satisfied after its over.

8) There is no strategy I think…

9) Prototype game were too simple. Maybe adding difficult material
such as magazine collage instead of drawing will make player harder to
express them self

10) As I mention number 9.   I think add more difficult material
instead of marker will gain difficulty and challenge to its game

Friday, November 12, 2004

ZOMBIETRON by J...let me borrow halo2 again

1) Dougetron? Zombietron by Jay

2) Action role playing game and it involve physical strength

3) Shooting and catch

4) Move, lot of phsical movement nessasary

5) The general structure is well done, now it need to develop the movement of "human" and "Zombies"
roles of player is very clear and simple however more idea is needed for players movement

6)It has "fun" element. thats very important as game... you've accomplished the essence of game

7-8) movement of players should be develop more. it's good that players role is simple, however in your case players roles are too simple that makes short game duration, so if you make little more complicate movement for player the game duration will get longer (is this what you want?) so... might know this already.
Generally, Zombies needs little more complicate than human because they have more player.
In your game, Zombies advantage is "large number of friends" and Human's advantage is "free movement" so how about make both of player more complicate?
My Idea is, if you tie up 3 or 2 zombies leg together, then they will have the element of complicate movement but also human's movement needs fairly complicate action (its very important, in your game, game duration has huge weight on Human's action) so.. make the "human" complicate movement, let the human physical action be free as it is but making complicate system to kill zombies, How about give human complicate ways to kill zombies? Human has to put a sticker on the back of zombie to kill. by this resort, Zombie will have hard time avoiding Human's attack because of their obstacle but remember there are many zombie in game arena so i'm sure it will bring enough chaos to make the game longer

9) Prototype game were ends too fast. game duration too short. it was glimpse of excitement...lets make that game excite more longer

10) as I mention number 7,8... more complicate obstacle action for player will make longer duration for you game.

Jay... its good game... final game will be more fun~
I like it alot because you didn't miss essence of game which I call "child's heart"
and... lastly...
Let me borrow Halo2 again... Now I know how to burn that DVD...
I was thinking and now I realize why it's over size...and I come out with's because...
Let me try to copy one more time... let make halo2 go free from microsoft

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

This is for my friend Grey...I'll be missing you

1) Frisco wars by my friend Grey
2)Board game and it involve stratage
3)Placing units on board and put down weapon card and struggle.
4)Gaingin, protect thier own land and snach other persons land... total gangin
5)it has enough structure, however its not fast pace enoguh... personal opinion
need more attantion grab and strong gole
6)I was amaze by core Idea of... NEW BOARD Style...usual board game has one token/piece to move around the board but frisce wars were diffrent. I like that...
7)10... very clear it was just prototype...I belive final game will have develop weapons.
8)Instead of showing card and decide win or lose... it could be more interesting if they have some "brain servive" or "action"
9)Game it self were surprised as I mention on number 6, Unusual.
10)as I mention number 8... more action of individual player will gain the interest.

Grey... its good game... lot of potensial...
but thier is no "childrents heart"...
Now a days... games are more concentrate graphics and sound... more in to visual aid...they miss "childrents heart" of game
game could be design avantgarde but key point "FUN" element should be concentrate.
When game is completcate... player would less social, because of concentrate of game...if the game it self gets simpler then player will start to socialize eachother.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Week 5: Narrative

Sprinter cell, Pandora tomorrow

Spinter cell pandora tomorrow have one of greatest backstory.
Year 2006, The U.S installs a temporary military base on East Timor to train the developing defense force of the "world's yougest democracy." Resistance to the U.S. military presence in Southeast Asia is sidespread and passionate, but the threat Indonesian militias pose to Tmorese democracy is deemed sufficint justification. Anti-US. resentament comes to a head under the leader ship of guerrila militia leader Suhadi Sadono, acting with the unofficial support of major corrupt factions of the Indonesian goverment. Suhadi's men attack and occupy the U.S.Embassy in Jakarta, taking dozens of civilian and military personnel hostage. Sam Fisher must defend and assist the U.S. Military, both locally and form remote locations, until suhadi's terror-driven policies can be subverted and the guerrila faction eradicated.

As I play the game, there is lots of event happening, sometime I had to kill unarmed woman just becuase Operations Coordinator told me to. (feel giulty sometime)
Variety of environments change, sometime i (Sam Fisher)'m in the Train, dungen, inside, and outside.
What make this game so interesting is tight game sinario, and everytime I have to make "New move" to finish each operation

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Week 5: Core Mechanic

The thing’s players do … over and over
I was searching for verb that makes player involve. The verb that is violent but soft, so people can have violent without making trouble, the performance that can be softly enjoy without guts. Therefore I chose “clap”. Clapping is hand movement that has some kind of unconsciousness violent movement and sound but its also simple performance that everybody could enjoy.

I’m going to introduce a game… “3, 6, 9”
“3,6,9” is not real “verb” game as “clap” but clap’s position is very significant.
This game require min 4 player to maximum as possible. Each person call a number for him/her self in order, start from 1 and person who suppose to said 3, they just clap there hand once. Same thing with number 6 and 9 too… so…For example pattern :

May be not too much to consol game, but in other real world game, “verb” is very important key. Fun interesting game could be made from interaction , narrative or decision making, however New “Verb” could make Avantgarde game.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Week 4: Scale Duration

Number of Players: min:2 to max: 40

Size of space: just enough space for player can fit in

Length of play: about 1minute

I'm thinking of Advance ROCK-PAPER-Secssor ADVANCE that can be play casul.
the length of game is short but there can be a prize: exmple "drinking game" has prize that build in the the game and as the game goes on the prize turns in the penalty

Week 3: Site SP

For my final game I want to make game that can be played everywhere.
Cause...all about game is portable, I want to make game that player don't have to set up or plan to play in advance. I'm talk about GAME just like GAME BOY ADVANCE.
I don't want people to bring any equiptment withthem, they can just use mind and body to play with it
some think like... rock paper scissor ADVANCE.

Magic Circle: Halo Multigangsta game

When playing halo multiplayer, people know not to look at opponets Screen. this is example of lusory attituew because it would be easier to kill them but it's the game is more fun when you don't know they are.

I like halo...mutiplayer...becuase..........
they show me the BLOOD.

it is hard to fight with friend in real life, but in the game we are allow to "kill " eachother
we can Shoot with sniper, drill with automatic rifle, or puch from behind and break the skull.
Some how... We born violent, it's in me, and in you... halo is good game to let this instinct out.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Week 2: Structural Elements of Games

Ok… Structural Elements of games

I like to introduce New game call “Baskin Robins 31”
This game is like ice breaking game, playing with number

This is how this game goes: first person call 1 to 3 numbers start from 1 and keep continues to next person and next person. Their will be a loser who has to call 31. For example: A person starts… he said 1,2,3 then next B person call 4,5…. And at the very end… a person call 31 is the loser.

It’s kind of hard to undersatand. May be I should break this down to SE of G.

1. Make the opponent to call the 31

2. Each individual has range of 3 number to call. One more time example: A person calls “1,2” then B person has 3 number range of 3,4,5. B person can call only a number “3” or two number “3,4” or lastly “3,4,5”

3. Player can’t call their number randomly, it should be in order of 1,2,3,4,5,6….

4. This game is required minimum of 2 and maximum of 4

5. all the participants have same role

6. result: this game have open out come, participates can set the “pay off” what every they wants.

7. few counting skill and mathematic function could help

8. this game is multilateral interaction

9. no extra care environmental required

10. no equipment

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Project: big scale gambling game

I believe every game needs objective (goal) so my project is narrow down that has strong objective. One of the strong objective game could be gambling (because of money involvement makes strong goal) so I want to create new types of gambling game. And so far, I realized from class game exercise, more people is more fun to game, there fore, I'm thinking of big scale gambling game.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Toy is interactive but a game has goals

According to Will Wright: Sim City is not game, but a toy. because it provides no objective: No victory condition, no goals.

"Toy is interactive but a game has goals"

I strongly agree Will Wright's Idea of "Toy", so I think "The Exquisite corpse" is toy and it's not game. If people don't care the result, such as The Exquisite Corpse and Scavenger hut game that we played in the class could be only toy because there was no goals of winning. (some people could do it just be cause it part of class) However I think every game could become toy that only has interaction. For example I use to play "Street Fighter II". Once I finish every characters ending; if there is no one to play with me than I feel like this game becomes "toy" I remember my self playing street fighter with no objective: just to kill some time.

Monday, September 13, 2004


Game is everywhere and I love to play those variety games. However very sometime I feel like to design a game, which other games couldn't get me fresh from my katharsis. My favorite game is Black Jack, just because I often have good hand of probability. As an artist, I don't have goal of big ambition, only I want to have fun during my life-time. right now I'm very much into stop-frame animation and it's about chess game.