Sunday, October 10, 2004

Week 5: Core Mechanic

The thing’s players do … over and over
I was searching for verb that makes player involve. The verb that is violent but soft, so people can have violent without making trouble, the performance that can be softly enjoy without guts. Therefore I chose “clap”. Clapping is hand movement that has some kind of unconsciousness violent movement and sound but its also simple performance that everybody could enjoy.

I’m going to introduce a game… “3, 6, 9”
“3,6,9” is not real “verb” game as “clap” but clap’s position is very significant.
This game require min 4 player to maximum as possible. Each person call a number for him/her self in order, start from 1 and person who suppose to said 3, they just clap there hand once. Same thing with number 6 and 9 too… so…For example pattern :

May be not too much to consol game, but in other real world game, “verb” is very important key. Fun interesting game could be made from interaction , narrative or decision making, however New “Verb” could make Avantgarde game.


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