Wednesday, November 10, 2004

This is for my friend Grey...I'll be missing you

1) Frisco wars by my friend Grey
2)Board game and it involve stratage
3)Placing units on board and put down weapon card and struggle.
4)Gaingin, protect thier own land and snach other persons land... total gangin
5)it has enough structure, however its not fast pace enoguh... personal opinion
need more attantion grab and strong gole
6)I was amaze by core Idea of... NEW BOARD Style...usual board game has one token/piece to move around the board but frisce wars were diffrent. I like that...
7)10... very clear it was just prototype...I belive final game will have develop weapons.
8)Instead of showing card and decide win or lose... it could be more interesting if they have some "brain servive" or "action"
9)Game it self were surprised as I mention on number 6, Unusual.
10)as I mention number 8... more action of individual player will gain the interest.

Grey... its good game... lot of potensial...
but thier is no "childrents heart"...
Now a days... games are more concentrate graphics and sound... more in to visual aid...they miss "childrents heart" of game
game could be design avantgarde but key point "FUN" element should be concentrate.
When game is completcate... player would less social, because of concentrate of game...if the game it self gets simpler then player will start to socialize eachother.


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