Friday, November 12, 2004

ZOMBIETRON by J...let me borrow halo2 again

1) Dougetron? Zombietron by Jay

2) Action role playing game and it involve physical strength

3) Shooting and catch

4) Move, lot of phsical movement nessasary

5) The general structure is well done, now it need to develop the movement of "human" and "Zombies"
roles of player is very clear and simple however more idea is needed for players movement

6)It has "fun" element. thats very important as game... you've accomplished the essence of game

7-8) movement of players should be develop more. it's good that players role is simple, however in your case players roles are too simple that makes short game duration, so if you make little more complicate movement for player the game duration will get longer (is this what you want?) so... might know this already.
Generally, Zombies needs little more complicate than human because they have more player.
In your game, Zombies advantage is "large number of friends" and Human's advantage is "free movement" so how about make both of player more complicate?
My Idea is, if you tie up 3 or 2 zombies leg together, then they will have the element of complicate movement but also human's movement needs fairly complicate action (its very important, in your game, game duration has huge weight on Human's action) so.. make the "human" complicate movement, let the human physical action be free as it is but making complicate system to kill zombies, How about give human complicate ways to kill zombies? Human has to put a sticker on the back of zombie to kill. by this resort, Zombie will have hard time avoiding Human's attack because of their obstacle but remember there are many zombie in game arena so i'm sure it will bring enough chaos to make the game longer

9) Prototype game were ends too fast. game duration too short. it was glimpse of excitement...lets make that game excite more longer

10) as I mention number 7,8... more complicate obstacle action for player will make longer duration for you game.

Jay... its good game... final game will be more fun~
I like it alot because you didn't miss essence of game which I call "child's heart"
and... lastly...
Let me borrow Halo2 again... Now I know how to burn that DVD...
I was thinking and now I realize why it's over size...and I come out with's because...
Let me try to copy one more time... let make halo2 go free from microsoft


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