Wednesday, December 08, 2004

500 word

About C-walk.

My game is called C-walk, I come out with this name because, this game play look like walking cigarette box
Action verbs for C-walk is "press" or "click"
Adjective of C-walk is watch and learn, it's necessary to memorize actions from video and use on the game
Genre of C-walk is "real life action game"
Platform for C-walk is everyday object, I choose this platform for the game to play this game anytime everywhere together with smokers.
C-walk is two player game and it takes normally 3 to 6min, since this game is to be play anywhere anytime, so it is better to have short amount of game player and length.
This game is playable anywhere, it is very casual game that play among the smokers or non-smokers (recommend for smokers)
C-walk can be play anywhere with any source of light and place, if there is at least 12 square inches
C-walk is different, Things that makes this game different from other game is, and essence of this game is made for smokers.
Many smokers will play C-walk for rest of there life, this game is perfect for everywhere play and it could be distributes to cigarette companies to spread out throw world.

Design Process

Core mechanic of C-walk is Pressing and sometime tapping, Flipping the box to go over other box that's back movement of C-walk, I come out with this idea from a Korean game called "Eraser eater". First idea was from the cigarette, since price of cigarette when up so much, and also many people started to asking to bum cigarette so I come out with this Idea of bumming cigarette with dignity.

From the beginning my goal haven't change any. C-walk's goal was most important reason of its game. I always think about the goal first before the game it self. In this project I want to have this goal of "earning cigarette" and the fun part of game.

To my self, subject "goal" is most important issue of make me move, may be, especially person like me, I don't want to waste time and energy on things I don't earn. Goal is very important subject that makes me move. If I don't have dream, I must suicide long time ago. "no goal = Toy". Game should have goal, without goal it is only toy that makes people happy for moment.

Most ingenious rule I devised for C-walk is TKO, when players cigarette box go over opponents box without player self's box touching ground is TKO. I think most of time people don't think about TKO movement, but C-walk have TKO.

Personally, I like the idea of goal that earning and losing a cigarette. When there is give off goal, players personality comes out during the play, so, I like that concept.

Core mechanic of the game "pressing" was had to make the rule, many people didn't follow the rule as I thought.

During the play testing, I don't think I change much about game it self.

I'm pre much happy with my game, but one thing I missed was the point that culturally people from western culture were having hart time playing this game.

Next time I want to examine other culture so I won't make same mistake.

I wanted to make new genre class game, that has strong goal.
This world need avant-garde game that connects people without digitally. Socrates said "play" make people know each other better then "conversation". Not just because this old man said I agree on it, but I think it makes sense that people get around better with element of "PLAY". Play element and sharing "fun" element will connects people.
Well designed game always need children's heart. Now a days, people consider more in conceptual idea and visual element. Which now a days people agree those conceptual and visual element brings the "fun" element. However I want to divide those element. Now we are facing 2005. people are not surprise about the futuristic graphic and reality element. Sometime game designers forget the element of "children's heart" the "fun" element. Fun is board subject, people have different idea of fun, but I know "fun" element show be revised by children's eye, when they go back and revise with children like eye, they will see the "children's heart"
Not many game influenced me, but if there is game that influenced me, it could be the game that I play during my child hood with my hommies.
It is good time to mention the magic circle, I wonder people have get out of magic circle, when people have played any game that they have enjoyed a lot, it dominate the idea of player, even after game end, the attitude of game will remain forever and it will support the real life during her/him's life time.

All the game is new and good, however I hope the game designer to make well calculate game before thinking about Coal mechanic. Meat should be add after skeleton. When the game is create with meat before skeleton, at the end player earn nothing.


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