Wednesday, November 17, 2004

my perfect game

I realize my game is perfect... You can't deny
First of all my game, I was thinking of non-slip surface
but important of this game is to be play no set up require.
so I come out with idea that placing ruberband on the box so make it not slippery.
and one other marketing of my game for making this game popular is to put instruction of game
and slip into the cigaret box for newly player, so they can play without my helpful instruction.
one Idea from my friend Gray was playing this game at the stair so kind of Map Mod style.
I realize my game is untouchable perfect goal and everything
now it's time for me to "marketing"

Jessica's game here go

1) New Avatar game by Jessica

2) Create and show

3) Draw and show

4) Creativity, Be in creative to inform.

5) The general structure is done, simple, but need to make little bit
more complex.

6)It have element of creativities that make player creative

7) rule it self, 10… very simple easy to follow but its too simple
that winner of game doesn't get satisfied after its over.

8) There is no strategy I think…

9) Prototype game were too simple. Maybe adding difficult material
such as magazine collage instead of drawing will make player harder to
express them self

10) As I mention number 9.   I think add more difficult material
instead of marker will gain difficulty and challenge to its game

Friday, November 12, 2004

ZOMBIETRON by J...let me borrow halo2 again

1) Dougetron? Zombietron by Jay

2) Action role playing game and it involve physical strength

3) Shooting and catch

4) Move, lot of phsical movement nessasary

5) The general structure is well done, now it need to develop the movement of "human" and "Zombies"
roles of player is very clear and simple however more idea is needed for players movement

6)It has "fun" element. thats very important as game... you've accomplished the essence of game

7-8) movement of players should be develop more. it's good that players role is simple, however in your case players roles are too simple that makes short game duration, so if you make little more complicate movement for player the game duration will get longer (is this what you want?) so... might know this already.
Generally, Zombies needs little more complicate than human because they have more player.
In your game, Zombies advantage is "large number of friends" and Human's advantage is "free movement" so how about make both of player more complicate?
My Idea is, if you tie up 3 or 2 zombies leg together, then they will have the element of complicate movement but also human's movement needs fairly complicate action (its very important, in your game, game duration has huge weight on Human's action) so.. make the "human" complicate movement, let the human physical action be free as it is but making complicate system to kill zombies, How about give human complicate ways to kill zombies? Human has to put a sticker on the back of zombie to kill. by this resort, Zombie will have hard time avoiding Human's attack because of their obstacle but remember there are many zombie in game arena so i'm sure it will bring enough chaos to make the game longer

9) Prototype game were ends too fast. game duration too short. it was glimpse of excitement...lets make that game excite more longer

10) as I mention number 7,8... more complicate obstacle action for player will make longer duration for you game.

Jay... its good game... final game will be more fun~
I like it alot because you didn't miss essence of game which I call "child's heart"
and... lastly...
Let me borrow Halo2 again... Now I know how to burn that DVD...
I was thinking and now I realize why it's over size...and I come out with's because...
Let me try to copy one more time... let make halo2 go free from microsoft

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

This is for my friend Grey...I'll be missing you

1) Frisco wars by my friend Grey
2)Board game and it involve stratage
3)Placing units on board and put down weapon card and struggle.
4)Gaingin, protect thier own land and snach other persons land... total gangin
5)it has enough structure, however its not fast pace enoguh... personal opinion
need more attantion grab and strong gole
6)I was amaze by core Idea of... NEW BOARD Style...usual board game has one token/piece to move around the board but frisce wars were diffrent. I like that...
7)10... very clear it was just prototype...I belive final game will have develop weapons.
8)Instead of showing card and decide win or lose... it could be more interesting if they have some "brain servive" or "action"
9)Game it self were surprised as I mention on number 6, Unusual.
10)as I mention number 8... more action of individual player will gain the interest.

Grey... its good game... lot of potensial...
but thier is no "childrents heart"...
Now a days... games are more concentrate graphics and sound... more in to visual aid...they miss "childrents heart" of game
game could be design avantgarde but key point "FUN" element should be concentrate.
When game is completcate... player would less social, because of concentrate of game...if the game it self gets simpler then player will start to socialize eachother.